All I want for Christmas is abs that would make a cover model envious.
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January 6, 2004 by Frog Attack
So I checked my JoeUser blog today to find that I had a comment from The Brad about an earlier article I wrote.

Now, in this article I insinuated that basically right wing people tend to be not so attractive. But I have to admit Bush II is kind of a handsome fellow.

Anyway, I don't feel entirely great about the article because it's kind of petty and immature and mean. But I think I've pretty much established that these are all parts of my personality. So I published the article.

But now...
January 5, 2004 by Frog Attack
OK. I'm thrilled. I am back to 149lbs and 15 percent body fat. I think I have finally gotten a good routine and diet going on. I'm excited because I was floundering there for a bit.

I was looking over my journal at the last time I lost weight. I lost 14 pounds but if you do the percentage calculations only half of it was fat. I want to see if I can make MORE of it fat and less... everything else. I mean I'm not a big guy what muscle I do have I need not to lose it.

What I've been doing is ...
January 5, 2004 by Frog Attack
Just a quick bit of vitriol from me.

you'd have to be blind not to notice the HUGE imbalance of right wingers VS left wingers on this site. I cannot really say why, but I do think in America right now there is a huge trend towards conservativism VS Progressivism. I like things to move forward. But I think, and observing people's behavior in just the service industry alone has lead me to believe this : people do not like change. Ever. They had to write a freaking cheesy self-help book "Who Mov...
January 5, 2004 by Frog Attack
I'll admit that a lot of my personal politics are liberal. Some are libertarian. JoeUser is , for all accounts, extremely conservative. It doesn't really bother me too much. I'm a democrat. I like Howard dean. I like Al Gore. I really really dislike president bush. Can't help it.

BUT something I have been wondering about. I read great news stories in TIME and see reports on BBC about how WELL the reconstruction is going in Afghnanistan. And today they voted to approve the new Constitution in ...
January 5, 2004 by Frog Attack
Why is it that almost every show on TV that features a black cast or is aimed at a black audience is crappy?

Either it's a sacchrine sweet copy of crappy white family oriented shows like "Family Matters" or The Cosby Show , or it's just plain awful. Martin , One on One , The jamie foxx show, the steve harvey show... WRETCHED! Does anybody recall Hangin' with Mr Cooper ? Or how about Homeboys In Space ?

But... I have to say there have been some great shows. I used to really like A ...
January 3, 2004 by Frog Attack
If you could take a train ride across any of the seven continents, which would you choose?

Well. My first impulse was to say North America, since I have not been to the States in a while now. And it would be nice to finally see Canada. And re-visit Mexico.

But I have to go with Europe. Wouldn't it be fantastic to travel on a hip luxury train through France and Germany and Italy and Belgium and all those other little Euro-countries. I mean, Europe has all the old culture and art, right? N...
January 2, 2004 by Frog Attack
I cannot say enough good things about this album. It sounds kind of like ben folds fronting a video game soundtrack. The first two tracks are very catchy, they start off slow and then escalate to very fantastic places. The 3rd track, "sleeping in" starts off pretty creatively, but then it kind of goes on autopilot at the end, which is a bummer, butthe next song, "Nothing Better" is the best synth-pop duet since that "you were working as a waitress in a coctail bar" song. It's so sweet and tender...
January 2, 2004 by Frog Attack
Just a quick review of yesterday:

4:05am - I wake up groggy but I drag myself to the gym and do my 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer while listening to a mix CD I made.

5:05am - drink my protein shake, surf internet

7am - listen to tape

7:30am - breakfast (one egg, one slice turkey bacon, one small bowl frozen fruit, 1/4 c of oatmeal

8am - get ready for work

8:40am - bitch about work to my wife until I leave

9am - arrive @ work, do paperwork

9:30am - work on payroll
January 1, 2004 by Frog Attack
Saw a short news story on TV about how some people and some lawmakers are looking into having obesity classified as a disease and therefore people could perhaps use tax money to pay for their "treatment".

This interested me, since I myself am trying to lose about 15, 20 pounds and I am not putting the responsibility on anyone but ME.

That, I think, is the buzzword here folks. RESPONSIBILITY.

Whose fault is it that you are fat? And we know that 2 out of three Americans are overweight. Th...
January 1, 2004 by Frog Attack
Documents were recently declassified by British Intelligence that indicate back in the 1970s when the Arab Oil Countries placed an embargo on the Western World, the United States seriously considered invasion of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

I'm not really sure what meaning this holds to us now. After all, we have now invaded Iraq twice. At least when Bush the First did it he didn't leave troops over there dying for the oil he and his buddies coveted so dearly.

Bush Junior, who could no...
December 31, 2003 by Frog Attack
Hmmm. It was an interesting little party they had for us at the Club.

Fashion statements were interesting. Saw a black cowboy, some guy dressed like a Highlander complete with floor length black duster coat (in the end there can be only one you know), a very loud "poker night" type shirt, a guy in leather pants and a tight T-shirt (i'm not even going to go there), a dude in a suit that was about three sizes too big the coat hung down past his knees, and a few guys sporting baseball caps, one ...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
I sometimes take it for granted that everyone knows all the little healthy tips and tricks that can help weight loss, weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle. So they are worth a quick review here, I think:

*Switch From Regular Soda To Diet Soda

*Drink More Water!

The idea here is to set little goals, one at a time, at a pace you are comfortable with! You only get one body in this life my friend! Be good to it!

*Find "substitute foods" you enjoy. I used to love to sit down to a...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
I often come to the defense of Miss Spears. She may very well stay around a while. But while listening to this album last night, I am sorry to say, I sure hope she doesn't. The album seems like an attempt at --- something I can't quite put my finger on. It's very disjointed. A little reggae here, some hip-hop, a badly assembled first single "Me Against The Music" featuring Madonna. Some weird tinky ballads. I almost liked the song "Breathe On Me" but it sounds unfinished. Like she could have gon...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
ahhh the interesting life of a retail salesclerk. Had a lady today looking to buy shirts for her husband. "How bit a difference is it between 32 inch sleeve and 34?" "well, about two inches ma'am." "hmmm... he's about your size, i'm thinking maybe you could try one on and I could see..." "I wear a 32 sleeve" (no way was I going to cross THIS line. I mean customer service is one thing, asking me to TRY ON stuff? weird.)

But speaking of retail service, why does my boss just stand there if ...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
So I'm sitting here at lunch and I decided to do a sort of "journal" type article.

My friend from work decided to give me a giant box of tangerines for Christmas. I swear, there is like 50 of them in there. They are delicious but I am eating tangerines every morning. One tangerines a morning, I should say. I am never going to eat all these. Hmmm, wonder if my cats will eat them?

Have you seen the Fred Durst video, I believe it is a cover---and he is kissing all over Halle Berry? Oh my go...