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Published on December 30, 2003 By Frog Attack In Misc
ahhh the interesting life of a retail salesclerk. Had a lady today looking to buy shirts for her husband. "How bit a difference is it between 32 inch sleeve and 34?" "well, about two inches ma'am." "hmmm... he's about your size, i'm thinking maybe you could try one on and I could see..." "I wear a 32 sleeve" (no way was I going to cross THIS line. I mean customer service is one thing, asking me to TRY ON stuff? weird.)

But speaking of retail service, why does my boss just stand there if I have a long line? I hate when I go places and they have ONE register open and they will steadfastly refuse to open another drawer. I will open the 2nd drawer anytime more than 3 people are in line. I don't care if I never use the drawer again the whole day. I usually have to count them all down anyway. I mean, how much trouble is it to me (hardly any) compared to what is it worth to get customers on their way (maybe a lot).

found the funniest blog ever, wittier and more amusing than anything any of us write here. It's The Black Saint. Really, check it out.

and as long as I'm talking about favorite websites, HomeStarRunner has got to be the most creative free thing on the internet these days. I really love the Strong Bad E-mails.

Saw three movies lately, two were pretty good and one bored me. I went to the theatre to see "The Last Samurai". It was epic, very entertaining, and long. I really wished it was shorter towards the end. Hearing Cruise speak japanese was funny since I've worked my ass off to learn the language (I'm currently taking a break from the classes, though.) and I can still barely speak at a japanese child's level. So it bolstered my confidence a little. We rented "Anything Else" which I laughed at all the way through. I adore Woody Alllen and Christina Ricci, and they did not dissapoint. I am not a huge Jason Biggs fan, but he was very good here I thought. Stockard Channing's character was okay. Maybe a little too over the top. We also rented The Grifters, which I thought was going to be really great, but it wasn't. I was so bored. It took forever for it to start going anywhere and by that time I had lost interest.

The Fountainhead is still going good for me. I'm wondering if I dare tackle "ATLAS SHRUGGED" next. Hmmmm. No, I'd better just concentrate on making it through this book first.

I wish more people here were familiar with Newtons Laws of Physics. Namely, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. That means if you are driving your car on the ice it is hard to stop. So slower motion = good. Everytime it snows, there are so many little accidents here because people think they can still drive around and 40 and 50 clicks instead of slowing it down. Oh well. People are nuts. They also don't know about RELEASING your brakes to stop a skid, or driving in a lower gear. It's sad.

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