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Conversation Piece # 104
Published on January 3, 2004 By Frog Attack In Sports & Leisure
If you could take a train ride across any of the seven continents, which would you choose?

Well. My first impulse was to say North America, since I have not been to the States in a while now. And it would be nice to finally see Canada. And re-visit Mexico.

But I have to go with Europe. Wouldn't it be fantastic to travel on a hip luxury train through France and Germany and Italy and Belgium and all those other little Euro-countries. I mean, Europe has all the old culture and art, right? Nod head "yes"

It's been a while since I've been on a train. I wonder how European trains are? What is the experience? I know that Japan has the coolest train and subway system. It's great. Quick easy always on time. If Europe was similar it would be a blast. I remember travelling on Amtrak in the US years ago and it was such a nothing kind of experience. I mean, you may as well be on a bus.

on Jan 03, 2004
I really wouldn't care to be traveling through France or Germany on anything. As for the trains in America. You're right you may as well be on a bus. America was not made for train traveling. If you really want to enjoy the states, rent a car. GCJ
on Jan 05, 2004
train travel is great in europe. On time, interesting and direct routes.
on Sep 22, 2005
Yes! European trains! I have used over 40 rail passes in Europe, and enjoyed every minute of it (except when I was robbed, or worse). But those were very rare occasions and not once did I say, even to myself that I would never ride a train again. Most of the time I was seeing and talking with interesting people, enjoying fantastic scenery and sometimes even finding something a vegetarian could eat besides bread in the ding car. You may want to ride through Russia sometime, for a great experience. Eight days on the Trans Siberian Railway in hard class is the way to travel. Whichever train trip you decide on, do it soon. Life is short.
on Sep 22, 2005
As for the trains in America. You're right you may as well be on a bus.

Holy schlamoley, you CAN'T be serious! Train travel in this country is SUPERB, even if it doesn't serve enough areas. Easily my favorite way to travel in the US.