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Feeling Good in 2004
Published on January 5, 2004 By Frog Attack In Misc
OK. I'm thrilled. I am back to 149lbs and 15 percent body fat. I think I have finally gotten a good routine and diet going on. I'm excited because I was floundering there for a bit.

I was looking over my journal at the last time I lost weight. I lost 14 pounds but if you do the percentage calculations only half of it was fat. I want to see if I can make MORE of it fat and less... everything else. I mean I'm not a big guy what muscle I do have I need not to lose it.

What I've been doing is cycling according to when I lift weights.

I lift weights and then rest two days and then lift again...

On weight lifting days I add a potato to lunch and a protein / carb shake after my workout.

Otherwise the diet is the same:

Protein shake
(exercise here)
breakfast : 1/4c blueberries, 1/4 cup oatbran w/Splenda, one or two egg whites, one slice turkey bacon, one cup herbal tea
(oh yes and lots of water everyday... almost 3 gallons)
snack : string mozarella cheese
Lunch : chicken breast, can of green beans
snack : apple OR half an apple and one egg white
dinner : big salad with seafood, steak, broccoli (or instead of a steak have fish or lean porkchop, etc.)
snack : maybe a few Rye Krisp crackers with sugar-free jelly Or a sugar free fudge bar...etc.

And last night for the first time in months I did NOT get up and snack.

I do exercise everyday, even if it's just walking an hour.

If I get hungry between scheduled snacks and meals, I might have a diet soda, an egg, a pickle, etc.

Oh yes I have one more secret weapon I am employing but I'm going to wait one more week to put it down in the blog, I want to make sure it really is working...


GOAL : 9 percent body fat
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