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December 5, 2003 by Frog Attack
Hey don't get me wrong. I love Miss Lauper. Her "She's So Unusual" was one of the first albums I ever owned. I was given the album on vinyl and now we own most of her albums on CD. I love even her lesser known work, like "Sisters of Avalon". Well, I've listened to "At Last" and I'm sorry to say that these covers are mediocre at best. Nothing grabbed my attention and Lauper's fantastic voice never seems to be used to it's fullest potential. Lauper has entered her 50s now and I'm hoping we'll see ...
December 23, 2003 by Frog Attack
So recently I've been hearing a lot about this band The Darkness. Online persons recommend them. Magazines applaud them.

What does the music sound like? Well. It sounds sort of like Deep Purple fronted by The Cure's Robert Smith.

I'm not sure but I think the idea was they were trying to do a sort of satire on that whole long hair WHITESNAKE type of music. But, ironic or not, this whole album has been one annoying tune after another. I feel like trailer park trash. The riffs are irritati...
December 8, 2003 by Frog Attack
First, the bad news. Nothing here is as catchy as anything on "Under Construction". The good news : it's better than anything else anybody else is doing in hip-hop. The bass sounds are huge and the tunes make you want to either dance or pound somebody's face in with a rubber mallet. I was a little dissapointed by what seemed to me to be a lot of repetition on this album. Still, the beats are great and the creativity is there, just in smaller doses this time around.
January 2, 2004 by Frog Attack
I cannot say enough good things about this album. It sounds kind of like ben folds fronting a video game soundtrack. The first two tracks are very catchy, they start off slow and then escalate to very fantastic places. The 3rd track, "sleeping in" starts off pretty creatively, but then it kind of goes on autopilot at the end, which is a bummer, butthe next song, "Nothing Better" is the best synth-pop duet since that "you were working as a waitress in a coctail bar" song. It's so sweet and tender...