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January 5, 2004 by Frog Attack
Why is it that almost every show on TV that features a black cast or is aimed at a black audience is crappy?

Either it's a sacchrine sweet copy of crappy white family oriented shows like "Family Matters" or The Cosby Show , or it's just plain awful. Martin , One on One , The jamie foxx show, the steve harvey show... WRETCHED! Does anybody recall Hangin' with Mr Cooper ? Or how about Homeboys In Space ?

But... I have to say there have been some great shows. I used to really like A ...
December 12, 2003 by Frog Attack
I should come clean right now. Betty White, to my knowledge, is not dead. It's just that I was thinking how much I am going to miss her when she is gone. I was watching a truly wretched little film called "Bringing Down The House" and she is in it. I want her to live forever, like bathroom mold.

Guess what else? I've already finished this entry once (almost) and then I swiped some random key and POOF! my entry was gone. That happens when I am typing my HOTMAIL too sometimes. So now I have to...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
I often come to the defense of Miss Spears. She may very well stay around a while. But while listening to this album last night, I am sorry to say, I sure hope she doesn't. The album seems like an attempt at --- something I can't quite put my finger on. It's very disjointed. A little reggae here, some hip-hop, a badly assembled first single "Me Against The Music" featuring Madonna. Some weird tinky ballads. I almost liked the song "Breathe On Me" but it sounds unfinished. Like she could have gon...
December 20, 2003 by Frog Attack
These are just some random thoughts I have about different programs on TV :

*Remember Showtime At The Apollo? I used to like that show. Except the hosts were always awful! Sinbad, Rudy Rush, Steve Harvey. It's like the very worst black comediens were always hired to host that show. Then all of a sudden it was Showtime In Harlem then just Showtime! and now it is Live In Hollywood. They moved it across the country and they just let Kiki Sheppard host. So what's wrong with the show? Well, in my ...
December 14, 2003 by Frog Attack
Due to my time difference with most people in the States and when TV airs and such --- I don't know WHEN we are going to find out but for us the last episode of SURVIVOR airs tonight. My bet is that it comes down between sandra and darrah as the final two and everyone votes for darrah to win. I would have never thought that redneck-talking girl would win but she seems the most likely choice.


*John lying about his Grandmother. devious but oh-o-entertainin...