All I want for Christmas is abs that would make a cover model envious.
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December 3, 2003 by Frog Attack
Basically I've decided that if I'm down to 145 by Sunday then for lunch Sunday my wife and I are going to this Italian Restuarant. She's doing BODY FOR LIFE and she's doing great and Sunday is her cheat day so I'll come along and cheat too. IF I meet that goal.


Breakfast - shake (strawberries, fat free milk, supplement powder, egg scramblers) , peanut butter, english muffin, crackers with cottage cheese

almonds and cheese

LUNCH - chicken breast, brown rice, veggies...
December 6, 2003 by Frog Attack
So it's Sunday morning and the official end of my first week of re-commitment to GETTING ABS. And, well. I'm the same. 147.5 pounds and 14.5% body fat. The same percentage that I once read our president has. So I did just enough to maintain the STATUS QUO. With that in mind, what do I do about today? I was going to give myself free rein to eat whatever I wanted. But now ---
So I am compromising. I had lots of cereal this morning and rice crackers but I am going to eat my normal hea...
December 9, 2003 by Frog Attack
Okay. So I am at lunch. I take my lunch every day from 2pm - 3pm right after my boss gets back from his lunch break. Well, today after I eat I have some things to get done so I call the library to re-check some books and then change the lightbulb in the spare room so that ---oh wait, wait a minute, it's not lighting up --- what the heck, I KNOW this is a brand new bulb. Oh, what's this? The LIGHT SWITCH seems to be completely screwed up. Probably from the EARTHQUAKE we had yesterday. So I call ...
January 6, 2004 by Frog Attack
So I checked my JoeUser blog today to find that I had a comment from The Brad about an earlier article I wrote.

Now, in this article I insinuated that basically right wing people tend to be not so attractive. But I have to admit Bush II is kind of a handsome fellow.

Anyway, I don't feel entirely great about the article because it's kind of petty and immature and mean. But I think I've pretty much established that these are all parts of my personality. So I published the article.

But now...
January 5, 2004 by Frog Attack
OK. I'm thrilled. I am back to 149lbs and 15 percent body fat. I think I have finally gotten a good routine and diet going on. I'm excited because I was floundering there for a bit.

I was looking over my journal at the last time I lost weight. I lost 14 pounds but if you do the percentage calculations only half of it was fat. I want to see if I can make MORE of it fat and less... everything else. I mean I'm not a big guy what muscle I do have I need not to lose it.

What I've been doing is ...
January 2, 2004 by Frog Attack
Just a quick review of yesterday:

4:05am - I wake up groggy but I drag myself to the gym and do my 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer while listening to a mix CD I made.

5:05am - drink my protein shake, surf internet

7am - listen to tape

7:30am - breakfast (one egg, one slice turkey bacon, one small bowl frozen fruit, 1/4 c of oatmeal

8am - get ready for work

8:40am - bitch about work to my wife until I leave

9am - arrive @ work, do paperwork

9:30am - work on payroll
January 1, 2004 by Frog Attack
Saw a short news story on TV about how some people and some lawmakers are looking into having obesity classified as a disease and therefore people could perhaps use tax money to pay for their "treatment".

This interested me, since I myself am trying to lose about 15, 20 pounds and I am not putting the responsibility on anyone but ME.

That, I think, is the buzzword here folks. RESPONSIBILITY.

Whose fault is it that you are fat? And we know that 2 out of three Americans are overweight. Th...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
ahhh the interesting life of a retail salesclerk. Had a lady today looking to buy shirts for her husband. "How bit a difference is it between 32 inch sleeve and 34?" "well, about two inches ma'am." "hmmm... he's about your size, i'm thinking maybe you could try one on and I could see..." "I wear a 32 sleeve" (no way was I going to cross THIS line. I mean customer service is one thing, asking me to TRY ON stuff? weird.)

But speaking of retail service, why does my boss just stand there if ...
December 30, 2003 by Frog Attack
So I'm sitting here at lunch and I decided to do a sort of "journal" type article.

My friend from work decided to give me a giant box of tangerines for Christmas. I swear, there is like 50 of them in there. They are delicious but I am eating tangerines every morning. One tangerines a morning, I should say. I am never going to eat all these. Hmmm, wonder if my cats will eat them?

Have you seen the Fred Durst video, I believe it is a cover---and he is kissing all over Halle Berry? Oh my go...
December 24, 2003 by Frog Attack
Well, it is early Christmas morning and what I am most excited about is what I am giving MYSELF for Christmas, namely, control over my eating habits and a new way of eating and the abdominals I have always wanted.

Here is my inspirational person for the day :


He is 3 inches taller than me but weighs just a few pounds more than I did at my last low weight and the guy is ripped.

Starting Weight: 152.5
Starting Body Fat: 17 PERCENT

Actually, let's see if I can't get that ...
December 24, 2003 by Frog Attack
Almost everybody knows the name "atkins". We all know people who have tried the diet, maybe even lost weight on the diet. Well, I bought two of his books, "New Diet Revolution" and "Atkins For Life" and I believe this is really the plan I have been needing.

Twice in my adult life I have weighed for brief periods at a weight I was personally happy with. Right around 135. I even almost had my coveted abs. Right now I weigh about 150 and I feel like --- well, like the marshmellow man. I know tha...
December 15, 2003 by Frog Attack
December 16,2003 (Tuesday)


Something is not right with my life --- I'm sitting here after finishing my workout. My Legs are sore from the workout on Saturday. I guess my biggest hang-up right now is how really close I was to achieving my goal before and now it all seems so far away. And I have nobody to blame but myself. So I trudged through my weight-lifting and cycling this morning. I ate so well all day yesterday and then screwed up by having four bowls of cereal late last night...
December 22, 2003 by Frog Attack
Well. It's been over three weeks since I started this blog and I've GAINED fat. I'm up to 16.5% now. Holy cow. I only have one big bad problem and that is eating at night after dinner. Those cravings. Where the hell did they come from? I have never ever had this problem before. Now all of a sudden it is? Nothing I have tried has worked. But I am still determined to get my abs. If it takes three months so be it. This sucks big time. At the beginning of November I was SO CLOSE. Man. oh well. Gotta...
December 16, 2003 by Frog Attack
I don't really have any great advice about this but I wanted to vent and rant and maybe you'll know where I am coming from.

We know that 2 out of 3 Americans are overweght. A lot of us are trying to diet. Some need to diet. These are the 200-300 pound people who have no knowledge about calories or food and they are going to DIE unless they lose some weight. Really, I shouldn't say "diet". What we should all be striving for is to eat healthier. In other words, change our diet. Diet used as a ...
December 5, 2003 by Frog Attack
Just a quick blog : it is a little before 1am and I've once again slipped up and eaten more food at night. At least it was food fat free cottage cheese, skinless chicken breast, and a turkey sandwish on rye. But calories are calories. And I did so good the rest of the day today, too. Oh well. The problem is it doesn't really "click" in my head that "oh yeah, my eating is through... stay in bed". Until I start to get full. I mean, Wednesday and Thursday I did great but then tonight --- I don't kn...